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Videogame Reviews: Fishy

Come face to face with the fear of unknown and find a friend in the monster you ran away from.

Game’s details:

  • Genre: Casual, Psychological Horror
  • Classification: Visual Novel
  • Supported System: Windows Vista or higher, macOS 10.10+, Linux Ubuntu 16.04+
  • Developer: I Choose Paradise
  • Platform:
  • Price: Free to Play
  • Gameplay: <1h

TW: depression, horror elements

Game’s premise:

You play as a young girl with a prosthetic arm who gets invited to a fellow schoolmate’s Birthday party held at an aquarium.

The fear of unknown consisting of the enormous space that is the world of fish appearing to you solely as large-sized predators does make you feel uneasy about the event.
Nevertheless, you decide to accept the invite with a slight push on your best friend’s (Misha) side.

It is the awaited day and Monica the Birthday girl is here as well as other guests, unlike Misha who promised you to be there.

Among all that, you’d have to spend a night under the ocean “for a unique experience”, as they said.

The idea does make you feel uneasy just thinking of all the poisonous creatures and enormous fish being alive swimming casually above all of you.
Fortunately, Misha does make her appearance and the exhibit begins…


This is a less than 1h long Visual Novel presenting choices that will not influence the game’s epilogue.

Some of the choices are presented as singular buttons, there to establish the actions you are going to perform with no actually offered choice option, purely for interactive purposes.

The game consists of soft art style both coming to backgrounds and sprites, all of which is accompanied by soothing BGM that fits well with underwater theme creating a dreamy-like and relaxing atmosphere.

However, the story will also treat psychological thematic. As well as, will present few horror-ish moments.

A little note that I personally did find bothersome were zooming effects applied on sprites, during their interactions. While presented during group dialogues, the zoom effects kept disturbing the created atmosphere given the characters had few phrases each, thus the sprites kept surging constantly at the starting scene of the game.

Animated backgrounds will be displayed, which is a neat feature for example, while showing the floating jellyfish for example.

This title does offer the option of inputting your name on the aquarium VIP ID, which will be the name the other characters will be addressing you as.

Personal considerations:

It is interesting how this game merged the casual experience of a Birthday party at an aquarium with the fears of our main character.

The game portrays well her anxieties and insecurities resurfacing while left alone in an uncomfortable to her environment causing uneasiness and resurfacing of personal negative thoughts.


Fishy does offer a very noticeable short experience combining relatable daily struggles to supernatural content with a concept that results to be real.
Recommended if you are looking for a tiny indie Visual Novel to complete in less than 1h.

Thank you to I Choose Paradise for reaching out.

I hope you enjoyed my review! If you want to see more follow my Curator Page!

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