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Videogame Reviews: Fragments

An investigative pixel graphic adventure where you are forced to face events you happened to cut off of your mind.

Game’s premise:

You play as Evan, a man waking up in a white room with an apparent loss of memory.
While finding himself in confusional state he gets approached by two detectives stating you might know what happened to your dear friend and colleague Lucas who was found lifeless in his apartment.

After making a short inquiry to confirm your state of mind, you get left in solitary to come to terms with recollection of previous days. You get asked to call them up once some memory resurfaces again.

While exploring different rooms of the building you start seeing vivid images that make you revive the recent events…


This is a less than 1h long game where you can walk around the rooms and interact with objects. While being an indie pixel story rich game with simple design, the background music creates an entrancing atmosphere which goes well with our protagonist’s initial mental state.
There are dialogues between characters where you have to pick one of the offered answers, which will influence the ending. One of the two endings gets unlocked once you fill enough a status bar appearing at the top right corner of the screen, which as well depends on taken actions such as the objects you choose to inspect and interact with and the answers you provide to the detectives.
Fragments presents a surreal and dark atmosphere coming to the Visual Novel-like setting.


I do recommend this game to public looking for a short story-based game that is both entertaining and picking the player’s curiosity.
Not recommended if you are looking for a horror gameplay with jumpscares.

Thank you to codapill for providing the game's key in exchange for the review.

I hope you enjoyed my review! If you want to see more follow my Curator Page!

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